The Artisan of Flavour

Cooking Italian is a craftsman’s labour, the work of an Artisan of Flavour.

Blog Contents

This blog contains Recipes and Articles.

Recipes are organised in 4 categories:
. Our Signatures: original recipes we proudly created or new versions of existing classics
. Italian Classics: the proper version of classics of the Italian tradition
. On a Budget: an inexpensive meal should not compromise on taste – we’ll prove it in this section
. Everyday Meals: for those who can’t wait until the weekend to have a little treat or a feast of flavours

Articles (Kitchen Confidential) are organised in 4 categories:
. Cooking Basics: tricks and tips to improve the art of cooking
Food is Culture: analysis and insight on the world of food

The Artisan’s Cellar
. A section completely dedicated to the pleasure of wine, by a WSET qualified wine enthusiast.

In every recipe we have included some sections to guide you through the reading.

Ready in: the time required to prepare the dish, from start to finish.

Easy: an everyday course, very straight forward, perfect for beginners
Medium: requires average cooking skills.
High: elaborate and demanding, suggested to those who are confident amateur cooks.

Low: below £3 per person.
Moderate: between £3 and £6 per person.
Expensive: more than £6 per person.

Note on the ‘Cost’: The calculation of the cost is based on mid-range products from Sainsbury’s and Waitrose in the London area. This is thought to be just a guideline as those reading from different areas of the UK and different countries will probably have to adapt the values mentioned above to their own market.


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All photos are taken by us and are of food we prepared. Recipes are also created by us. The content of this blog is intellectual property of its creators, copies and derivative works must be authorised and reference the original.
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