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Raviolacci Salsiccia e Carciofi (Raviolacci with Sausage and Artichoke Sauce)

Raviolacci salsiccia carciofi

This pasta dish is definitely not the healthier or lighter choice in my repertory (quite the opposite, actually…) but it is definitely amongst those which have won my preference with their rich taste.

Why raviolacci instead of ravioli? The reason is their size: I made them bigger and slighlty thicker than the usual regular ravioli as getting the right balance is key to a good course. I needed “stronger” pasta as I didn’t want the sauce to completely overtake and spoil the balance of my dish. The Sausage and Artichoke combination has quite a strong flavour and I also decided to use rather big artichoke heart pieces.

Ready in: 1h

Difficulty: Medium

Cost: Moderate

Ingredients to serve 2

Ravioli and stuffing
. Flour (200g)
. Eggs (2, large)
. Ricotta (100g)
. Fresh Spinach (85g)
. Salt
. Black Ground Pepper
. Nutmeg

. Fresh Italian Pork Sausages (2)
. Artichoke hearts (100g)
. Shallot (1)
. Passata (50cl)
. Cream (75cl)
. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
. Salt
. Black Ground Pepper


The first thing you need to take care of is the preparation of ravioli. Everything start with your sfoglia of fresh egg pasta: which you can do by following the instructions in this article. While your pasta dough rests move on to the sauce and the filling.

According to your preference, boil or grill the artichoke hearts, then leave to cool down. You will then cut them in smaller pieces so that they’re ready to be used in the sauce. You can also use pre-cooked artichoke hearts in water or grilled artichoke hearts in olive oil.

Boil the fresh spinach for a couple of minutes, strain them in the colander and leave to cool down while in a bowl you mix the ricotta with salt, ground black pepper and a pinch of nutmeg. Cust the spinach and using a fork mix them with the previously seasoned ricotta.

Using a tea spoon place filling on half of the sfoglia (as shown in the photo) then, after having damped a bit the sfoglia with a kitchen brush, then cover with the other half. Use first your fingertips to seal the edges, then cut with a cutter.

Raviolacci Ripieno

Chop the shallot in tiny small pieces and stir fry in a table spoon of extra virgin olive oil, adding a pinch of salt and black pepper. Remove the skin and trim the sausages. Add to the pen with your sauteed shallot pieces and stir fry for a few minutes using a wooden spoon to grind the sausage as it cooks.

Leave your sauce cooking over low heat, using a wooden spoon to stir from time to time. When the sauce is almost ready add the artichoke hearts and cook for a few more minutes. Then set the heat on a minimum (just to keep the sauce hot) and cook the ravioli (following the tips in this article). The time required depends on the thickness of your sfoglia. The thicker, the longer. They should be ready in no more than 2-3 minutes as you want your pasta to be al dente.

Serve with glass of red wine with high acidity, like a nice Barbera.


2 comments on “Raviolacci Salsiccia e Carciofi (Raviolacci with Sausage and Artichoke Sauce)

  1. On Top Of Spaghetti
    May 17, 2013

    I recently made a sausage pasta dish (with cherry tomatoes and spinach) and really liked it. But sausage and artichoke? I would never have thought of this combination! It sounds like a match made in heaven! Thanks for sharing.

    • The Artisan of Flavour
      May 18, 2013

      Thanks! I think they are. Sausage gets along very well with a lot of green vegetables, as long as they are rich and strong as sausage it’s a pretty flavourful ingredient and one wouldn’t want the veggies to disappear in the big scheme of things hehe. The other night I’ve made some tagliatalle with sausage and asparagus – that is also a lovely pairing if you want to give it a try. I think I will post the full recipe some time in the future.

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