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Arrosto al vino rosso (Red Wine Roast)

Arrosto al vino rosso 1

Today we look at another very easy recipe, a variation of the very classic combination roast with vegetables. This is one of those recipes which give maximum output with minimum effort, a great feature when someone is short of time or space. It requires very little intervention, basically no cooking skills at all and it leaves plenty of time to work on a different course or do anything else.
Ready in: 3h

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: Moderate

Ingredients to serve 4:

. Beef or Pork joint (400g)
. Baby Potatoes (200g)
. Leek (2)
. Carrots (2/3, big)
. Swede (150g)
. Shallots (2)
. Brussels Sprouts (180g, trimmed)
. Red Wine (75cl, better if full bodied)
. Butter (20g)
. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
. vegetable Stock Cube (1)
. Salt
. Pepper
. Bay Leaves
. Rosemary


Boil 1.5 litres of water in a big pot. Add a vegetable stock cube, one spoon of extra virgin olive oil, black ground pepper, a few bay leaves and 20g of butter (or 125cl of milk – to keep the meat tender).

Place the joint making sure it is completely immersed in water. After a few minutes pour 500ml of full bodied red wine and leave cooking on low to medium heat for around 45-50 minutes, while you wash, slice and chop your vegetables. Add these to the pot and leave cooking for another 15-20 minutes then take off the heat.

Arrosto al vino rosso 2

In the meantime prepare a big roasting tray with a sheet of baking paper and preheat the oven to 160. With the help of a colander strain vegetables and joint. Cut the joint in slices, place these in the middle of the roasting tray with the vegetables around. Add fresh rosemary, a few more bay leaves, pour a glass of wine over meat and vegetables and cover with aluminium foil. Cook for 60 minutes and serve with a glass of strong red wine (of course…).


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