The Artisan of Flavour

Cooking Italian is a craftsman’s labour, the work of an Artisan of Flavour.

The Artisan is here!


The Artisan of Flavour is live, although with some touches here and there still to be done.

This first post is to give you a clearer idea of what our purposes are and what you will find in this blog.

I believe in things done properly, especially when it comes to what I eat. I believe in good food, slow food. Food created from the raw natural ingredients and prepared with dedication. Cooking Italian, or cooking like an Italian, doesn’t mean merely combining ingredients together. It is about attitude: passion and accuracy make the difference. Being a good cook means giving the preparation of food the time, attention and care required. Cooking Italian is a craftsman’s labours, the work of an Artisan of Flavour.

To be a good cook you need to be a good eater: taking the time to enjoy the food and paying attention to every little detail of the taste is essential to build that background of expirience, knowledge of flavours and sensations that will make your skills around the hobs grow. For understanding what one eats is key to make the right decisions, the little ones that no-one can teach and can’t be listed and explained on a cooking book or a blog.

We are here to help you, with recipes, articles and insights on food and wine. Whether you are a novice or an enthusiast, we are sure this blog will have something for you. We therefore look forward to welcome you to our frequent readers. Follow us here and on facebook. And please do get in touch, your feedback is important to us!


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This entry was posted on January 27, 2013 by in About the Artisan of Flavour.


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